Yes, ANOTHER Jeep build!

The J20 Build

Sorry, no code names here; just a simple, no-nonsense truck build. I admit it is another Jeep build, but you probably know me well enough by now to expect that if I am building something, it will most likely be a Jeep. (Click to see the FrankenJeep build.)

So, what do we have this time? As the title states, we have ourselves here a J20. Actually, we have a 1979 J20 that does everything a truck should do, but it needs love.

Haha! Where are my manners? I have yet to formally introduce you to the newest addition to Mad Mac’s.



This is a 1979 J20 ¾ ton truck with Dana 44 and Dana 60 axles, front and rear. It sports the AMC 360 (for now) and has a T-18 4 speed transmission. It starts up, stops, shifts and steers exactly how it is supposed to – and for $2800, I could not pass it up. As you can see, it has a flatbed. I have never thought to myself, “Self. Let’s get a flatbed truck. Imagine the possibilities!”, but on the flipside, I have also never been against owning a flatbed either. It is true that before I acquired the truck, I was looking to trade it out for townside bed (a regular truck bed), but as I looked at the truck and searched for the possibilities for a flat bed four wheeler, it quickly grew on me.

If you scroll to the bottom of this page, just below all of the “share” information, (you know – the buttons for the FaceBox, Pictanow, and the Twerking machine…) you will find two little tabs, one on each side of the page. You can click on the right tab to navigate forward to see the next post, or you can click on the left tab to navigate backward to see the previous post. Ain’t technology grand?!

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