Yes, ANOTHER Jeep build!

Finally Getting Somewhere

If you read the FrankenJeep stories, you know that I no longer work in the oilfield. Not a big deal, as I am much happier these days, and I am now working with a really cool dude named Jack Reigelsperger. He has sort of taken me under his wing, teaching me the ways of custom car building and this has been good on multiple fronts – I am happy with my job again, I get to work with really cool cars, I am learning new things every day I am working, and I have been given a huge hookup when it comes to obtaining auto parts.


Jack hooked me up when we started wheeling and dealing over a project he had sitting in the yard. He had figured out a bolt on kit to put a 5.9L Cummins engine into a square body Chevy truck (1973-1991). He happened to have an ‘88 Suburban that was converted over and we got to talking about it, then we talked about wheelbase measurements. It turned out that the Suburban had a 131.5” wheelbase; Hyde has a 131” even. I already knew that the frame rails were close, as Chris ended up using the flatbed from my J20 to put on his CUCV and it bolted right up…


Do you see where I am going with this yet?

Let me run you through it again:

  1. I have an untrustworthy Jeep J20 with a clean body
  2. I have access to a Cummins powered square body with measurements similar to my J20
  3. I know a guy that has the knowledge, means, and desire to help marry the two

All of this adds up to one thing – a twin turbo Cummins powered Hyde!

Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yes, not one but TWO turbos!! We figure we should net around 600hp and 1400ftlbs of torque, making for a very fun 4×4.


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