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Extension Cord Escapades

I apologize for not writing sooner. The last I wrote, it was 2Jun16, it is now 26Aug16. It has been awhile, and much has gone on here both in the world of Hyde as well as over there in the world of FrankenJeep.

So, what has gone on in the past few weeks?

Let us start out with the Extension Cord Escapades. I thought I was going to get a 6ga wire and use it as an extension cord. Well, let me tell you a little story about that.

It turns out that the 6ga was only two cord, I need at least three cord wire – hot, negative and ground. I might have been able to cut the 6ga wire in half, splice it and create a four cord, or simply use only one of those for a three cord wire, but then I am spending quite a bit of time creating a wire when I could have just spent a little more money and bought one.

I started looking on the line for a new extension cord: 600 Volt Cord

I found a 12ga extension cord that was three wire and 50′ long on the eBay for, well it was a bid war. They wanted $14.99 for processing and handling. Since I was not about to spend more than $100 to get this thing in my grubby paws, I put a max bid at $85.01 and waited. It was not too long before I got a message – “You have been outbid”

Oh well, on to the next thing. I kept searching, and I found a 10ga three cord, 50′ generator extension cord that came from the military surplus and it had a “buy it now” price of $50. After the processing and handling, plus the fees and whatnot, I think I paid right around $68 to have that cord in my hands. SCORE!!

Next, I had to rewire the j-box outside to accept this wire. We cut the female end of the wire off and connected it to the j-box, placing it on its own breaker and switch. Then we bought a new gang box to use on the end of the wire we just cut and wired that into a secure connection with its own plug outlets. Vi-ola! I have a new 50′ extension cord that will hold up to 600V. Now I can plug the welder into the extension cord, and it will not know that it is so far away from the supplied electricity.

Now I just need to fix my regulator gauges on the welder.

The Correct Answer Was “Get Rid of That Ford Crap!!”

But Thank You For Playing “HOW TO FIX MY TRUCK”

That is right ladies and gentlemen, I was having some electrical gremlins that were keeping the truck from being roadworthy.

We troubleshot. We tested. We fixed and tweaked. We horse traded and swapped (no horses were actually traded during any transactions of Jeep parts)…

In the end, it was a matter of replacing the carburetor, the coil and the ignition control module, getting rid of that Motorcraft stuff and replacing it with an Edelbrock 650, an MSD Blaster 2 and a 6al. I realize that most of that might have been jibberish to some of you, but think of it like this – I replaced the bad stuff with much better stuff, and now so far, the truck has been running better and is much happier. I still need to mess with the timing some, but it is definitely getting closer to trustworthy. I will take it out of the immediate ten mile radius of my house, and may even venture to seek freeway speeds. Oh my!

Now, you may be wondering what the next step is. Well, now that I have a working truck, I can get that Chevy small block 400 and rebuild it to put into the truck. But, you just spent all that time on the 360, why would you replace it now?

The answer is simple – It is an AMC 360! If you have read my FrankenJeep musings, you will remember that conversation at the parts store. The one where Tommy Partslinger looked at me blankly when I asked about AMC engine parts?

Parts Store Woes

Yeah, that sort of thing does not happen as often when you ask for Chevy parts. Those commercials crack me up because I deal with that pain often; unfortunately, they are unable to help me out too.

Do not fret; I am still on the hunt for “that” truck. It is just not as easy to find a ’94-02 one ton diesel Ram that is 4×4, manual, and a single cab/long bed. That is not to say they do not exist, I just did not think it was going to be this difficult to find one.

Now we can get the bead bags and have Craig install my 37” tires! I have been talking with Cherokee Jim, and I hope to have my fenders soon. If I do get my fenders, that means I can start body work on the bed. WHAT!?!? Yep, that is right. I am going to start body work on the bed as soon as my fenders are installed.

What could you possibly do to an M101-A1 trailer bed to make it any more badass than it already is?!?

I am glad you asked. I am going to widen the rear fenders six inches. You heard me! Who could not make use out of another six inches?

Cherokee Jim did such a great job on my fenders, that it makes my rear end seem a bit anemic. So, we are going to remedy that with SIZE! I am going to add six inches to the rear fenders so that they match the fronts. I will only be adding size to the actual fender, they will then be faired into the respective end corners. I will have the fender well come out six, and then taper forwards to the cab, and aft towards the tailgate, this will give me triangle steps that I can utilize in order to help get things situated in the bed. I am also going to side mount a 37” tire on the driver’s side, and install a small crane that will assist with that.

We think we might have found a way to deal with my crappy electricity issue – 6ga wire is cheaper than I thought it was, because 98’ (yes, one tick means FEET) goes for $35 on the eBay! I thought for sure I was going to be at least $120 into a fifty foot extension cord. Now I get twice the length for nearly a third of the cost!

I will be grabbing that and the other pieces required to make myself a 50’ 6ga extension cord.  This way, the welder does not know it is as far from the j-box as it really is; it will think it is plugged right into the wall.